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    Online Concordance

    To use this online concordance, just fill out the form below. You can select a particular passage, or a word or a set of words.

    For example, suppose you wanted to see all the verses in the Gospels in the KJV that had the words “bread” and “life” in the same verse.

    To do that, change the version from NIV to KJV, enter bread life in the “Search word(s):” box, and select Gospels in the “Restrict search:” box. Then click the Lookup button!



     (eg. Ephesians 2:8)

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     (eg. saved)

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    Topical Search

    Using this next Bible tool, you can search over 22,000 topics from The New Nave’s Topical Bible. In this case, the Bible verses are arranged topically. For example, suppose you wanted to do a study on the topic of “marriage”. Just enter marriage in the form below and click the Search! button. You will find a number of topics that you can choose from. Try it!